Cheeky Monkey Decals
7 Monkey Decals, 1 palm tree, 2 shrubs make up a cheeky monkey large decal set
Cheeky Monkey Decals

Cheeky Monkey Decals

Adapted from our best selling wallpaper - Monkey About - these cheeky monkey decals are a simpler take on the original print. Use one pack or two and create the perfect setting for your own cheeky monkey!

Decal Set Information

Regular ($42.00) - 21 Decals Total 
14 Monkeys varying from 13cm (w) x 22cm (h) to 16cm x 24cm , 1 tree 23 cm (w) x 42cm (h) , 6 shrubs 15cm (w) x 12cm (h),

Large as pictured  ($78.00) - 10 Decals Total 
7 Monkeys varying from 14cm (w) x 29cm (h) to 27cm x 35cm , 1 tree 48 cm (w) x 90cm (h) , 2 shrubs 27cm (w) x 22cm (h)