How to install Stickr

Easy installation

Your Stickr wall decals come with a squeegee, metal ruler, stanley knife, and full set of detailed instructions. The only things you need to provide are two people and a step-ladder.

Whats in the box?

1 x Squeegee

Use this to make sure there are no bubble in the roll as you apply it to the wall.

1 x Metal Ruler

Got to make sure those lines are nice and straight.

1 x Stanley Knife

A good sharp knife makes sure cuts are clean and easy.

About Stickr

Stickr first began in 2020, when two friends went in search of simple, affordable, and beautiful wallpaper decals to liven up their little ones’ nurseries. When they came up empty-handed, they saw the chance to launch their own. Using their 14+ years of experience in commercial interior graphics, the friends created Stickr. A collection of premium, high-quality and on-trend peel-and-stick decals, that make it easier than ever to bring any room to life.